CEO Message

A company that thinks about sharing happiness with people first
A company that challenges and fulfills dreams and future values

Thank you for visiting Omnipack.

Our company specializes in manufacturing and selling
automatic wet umbrella wrapping machines
and umbrella wrapping plastic bags and
we share our trust with everyone who sells and uses our products.
Based on the best technology and quality production capacity for 20 years, it is a manufacturer
and exporter that provides the highest value for consumers.

With the management philosophy of trust and win-win, we play a leading role in the automatic
wet umbrella wrapping machine industry
through customized service and social contribution activities

From the US federal government

obtained– Qualification for the US Federal Procurement Center (SAM) (DUNS687393223)
– NATO Producer Code (NCAGE Code) (804CF)

From Small and Medium Business Administration

certified– Performance certificate of small and medium business administration :
No. 11-295
– Technology innovation small and medium business (INNO-BIZ) : No. 6011-3513
– Management innovation small and medium business : No. R110101-00362
– Export-promising small and medium business : No. 08 seoul-113
– ANS Development Co.,Ltd Research Institute Establishment : No. 2010112969

We are committed to becoming our best company that can be trusted by customers,
a company that always has the best competitiveness with endless efforts and creativity,
a company that always leads the way with transparent and prompt business processes,
and a company that can contribute to society,
and we promise to become a more future-oriented company.

We promise to become a future-oriented company
with top priority on customer satisfaction.

CEO of ANS Development Co.,Ltd.
Shin, Dong An