ANS Co.,Ltd, under the brand name Omnipack, is a company that manufactures automatic wet umbrella wrapping machine, umbrella plastic bag and collecting machine and is also trusted in the global market.


Omnipack was selected as the best design by the Korean Institute of Design Promotion and is durable and has reasonable price, shock resistance, and strength by applying ABS as its material.


Omnipack is the first umbrella wrapping equipment manufacturer to obtain performance certification from small businesses and to produce products with the best technology and excellent quality, which are the best customer satisfaction, first in market share, and first in preference.


Omnipack operates its own technology research center and develops eco-friendly products such as biodegradable umbrella vinyl and umbrella rainwater remover to think about the world-recognized quality and environment


The best quality and best customer satisfaction in the domestic market.
This company It specializes in manufacturing automatic umbrella wrapper and umbrella plastic bag.

  • We think first of love and sharing
    We consider quality and environment.

Promotion Video

Various movies about ANS Omnipack titled as ‘Outstanding small and medium business company’, ‘Arirang international broadcasting’,
‘Video of how to use (Omnipack products) or video of installation’ and ‘Omnipack Promotional Video’.

Outstanding small and medium business company

Introduced as an excellent SMB
company idea special broadcast.

Arirang international broadcasting

ANS aired on Arirang TV
as outstanding company.

how to use

You can see how to use
Omnipack umbrella plastic bag

Promotional Video

selected in the government
export voucher project.